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Friday, 29 July 2016

Apple Patent Digital Crown Apple Watch on an iPhone

It is strange, and few functions can provide, but it's true. Apple has patented incorporating digital crown iconic Apple Watch on an iPhone.

The patent has been found by Patently Apple , and shows a small "rotary gear" wheel - shaped inserted on an iPad.

The patent could serve users to navigate between content with one hand instead of sliding your finger on the touch screen by scrolling.

But the digital crown Apple Watch on an iPhone, or an iPad, could bring other features to iOS. For example, to change the text size, to zoom in videos and photos, and even to select text more accurately.

The arrival of this new Apple patent combines perfectly with the recent rumors about the implementation of a Home touch button integrated in the housing of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus .

In fact, Apple has released a second patent in the Patent and Trademark United States of America. In this second patent we see how the company is planning to develop a button with water resistance.

However, I'm not sure the digital crown Apple Watch comes to iPhone and / or iPad, since it is likely that users were not very consistent with either the design or its functionality.

What do you think about the patent? Do you think a digital crown on the iPhone would be useful?

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