Apple plans to transfer Night Shift on Mac and Apple Watch -


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Monday, 4 July 2016

Apple plans to transfer Night Shift on Mac and Apple Watch

On Monday, the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States registered an application for Apple brand "Night Shift". the function of mobile devices, with which aims to reduce the burden on the eyes and help sleep easier if the user had the opportunity to use the mobile device before going to sleep described. From the description of the proposal it shows that Apple plans to use Night Shift, not only on the iPhone and iPad, but also in Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and even carplay.

Night Shift in iOS 9 adjusts the color temperature of the screen and select the time period for automatic activation. Since people often use their iPhone and iPad before bedtime, it will be useful to look at the screen in warmer colors. According to the study, this has a positive effect on sleep quality and sleep time.

In the future, Apple plans to implement Night Shift and other devices like the Apple Watch and MacBook. The need to use the "smart" watch or the vehicle in question, but on notebooks based on macOS, its application is expected. The essence of Night Shift is that at night the color scheme of the screen so that it is heated protect your eyes against excessive load, and in the morning returned to the normal position.

"Many studies have shown that the effect of bright blue light at night can affect your circadian rhythms, which hinders the process of sleep. Night mode to use time and location data of your device to determine the time of sunset in your region ", - it is said in the Apple site.

When Night Shift expect on computers or "smart" watch Apple, unknown. On the other hand, the registration of the mark can only mean the need to protect the copyright of the company. Apple is strictly for the use of their own developments of competitors and, if necessary transfer of proceedings at the judicial level.

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