Apple pushes its suppliers to cheapen costs -


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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Apple pushes its suppliers to cheapen costs

According to a report, Apple goes pressuring their suppliers to reduce the cost of their orders for electronic products. In the fall cheapening maneuver suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron. Recall that the rumor that the company Sharp would be added to the queue as a supplier of OLED displays with Samsung and LG for iPhone 2017 (or even the this year) and you will surely see the need to cheapen recently emerged the the orders costs as other vendors.

Apple probably this measure was taken by the low percentage of smartphone sales in the first quarter of this year as it tries to maintain a certain profit margin this year. The truth is that the main suppliers of technology company based in Cupertino are pressured by lower costs of orders and production times, ie work for less money.

Recall that this year an initial batch of smartphones over 70 million, which would mean large job is expected to reduce costs. Hopefully the price reduction of orders that will face major suppliers, not directly affect the final quality of the iPhone and other electronic products Apple.

This maneuver Apple makes suppliers to compete dangerously among themselves to maintain or win the bid, this makes the Cupertino company has enough land to negotiate costs has its main suppliers to work for a lower price and so maintain a margin of more than acceptable profit.

This news is not very nice to say and shows one of the many exercises that practice most large companies, just to keep a margin of annual profit. As most know, usually these maneuvers affect the final product quality, the same will happen with Apple ?.

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