Apple released the second public beta of Sierra macOS

On this day, the Cupertino company (Apple) got the second public beta of macOS Sierra, the new operating system for desktop and laptop Macs. This second public beta comes two weeks after the release of the first public beta of macOS Sierra and a few days after the release of the third beta for developers macOS Sierra. This public beta and the third beta of developers offer the same features.

Now, the beta testers who have subscribed in the beta testing program will receive the new update Apple MacOS Sierra through the update mechanism that has the program the Mac App Store.

Those who want to be part of the beta testing program Apple can register to participate through the site beta test , which gives users access to iOS and OS X in its beta versions.

The new operating system for Macs brings new features such as deeper implementation of Siri on the desktop, allowing users to voice search to find files, search for information and more. New features include a choice of autodesbloqueo to release a Mac from an Apple Watch, and includes a universal clipboard to copy the function stuck work on multiple Apple devices are included.

It has also deepened integration with iCloud files stored on the desktop or documents folder from a Mac to make it available on all user devices.

new deep learning algorithms for better facial recognition of objects and scenes in the photo app also added. For its part, the messages app now includes more advanced links (rich links), among other new features.

At the moment it seems that this public beta and the third beta of developers offer the same features
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