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Monday, 4 July 2016

Apple responds harshly to Spotify and Accusation "Anti-competitive"

A couple of days ago, Spotify accused Apple of being an "anti-competitive" by rejecting one of the updates Spotify Music app on iOS company.

Spotify sent a letter to Washington, which was backed by Senator Elizabeth Warren. In that letter, alleged that Apple used Spotify App Store to benefit and harm Apple Music Spotify Music.

Well, now Apple has responded strongly and harshly accused of Spotify in three pages, mentioning that "Spotify is creating rumors and half - truths about his service".

"There can not be any doubt about the enormous benefits that the Apple App Store has brought to Spotify. Since coming to the App Store, Apple's platform has provided more than 160 million downloads, with a result of hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to Spotify. We therefore believe illogical request to add exceptions to the rules that apply to all developers, a request that does nothing more than create rumors and half - truths about our service. "

According to Apple, its rules on the iTunes App Store help encourage competitiveness, not to damage it. In addition, the Cupertino company has never mentioned that influenced other services competitors like Google Play Music, Tidal, Amazon Music or Pandora.

It seems that Spotify chose to change their method of purchase in the app, making users enter their website to subscribe to services streaming music, thus skipping the percentage of payments to the App Store. Well, well ... Very bad spoti very important to read the following excerpt from Apple's answer!:

"Spotify sent its new Spotify update on May 26, our team identified a number of problems, including the removal and replacement purchases in-app, clearly representative to try to avoid the rules of Apple made. This change only intended to avoid having to pay Apple for the App Store use redirecting users to subscribe to Spotify from the web. "

Do you think Apple is entitled to reject Spotify update on the App Store? Have you done wrong company founded in Sweden? What do you think about all this?

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