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Friday, 29 July 2016

Apple updated iMovie for iPhone and iPad

If you've gone through the App Store iOS recently, you may have found a new update of iMovie, the video editing application from Apple.

The new version 2.2.3 of iMovie for iPhone and iPad includes some improvements and interesting news to share and create projects.

You want to discover what features it has incorporated the update of iMovie? Want to know if you should update the app? Keep reading!

Updating iMovie for iPhone and iPad

First, users can now start projects in iMovie in a much faster way to select multiple pictures and videos, thus creating a new project will result within seconds.

In addition, it has also implemented a new method to share content on Facebook and Vimeo, and now both applications are compatible with iOS extensions in iMovie.

For iPad users, iMovie now has the functionality "Shared iPad" (iPad shared). This feature allows a device to share your projects with more people. Ideal for students working in a group for a project video editing function.

Finally, version 2.2.3 of iMovie includes a number of useful improvements in performance, as well as incorporating the classic bug fixes and stability problems.

As well remind us from 9to5Mac , the latest update to iMovie for iPhone and iPad was in September, when the application got support 4K videos.

Download iMovie for iOS

You can download (or update) the iMovie application for iPhone and iPad from the App Store below:

What do you think about the new features of iMovie update on the App Store? Do you often use this application Apple to edit your videos? What are your favorite apps video editing for iOS?

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