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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Apple wants a "AirPods" Bluetooth for iPhone 7

Earlier this year, it began to speculate on the possibility that the Cupertino company would launch a Bluetooth EarPods for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Far from disappearing, the rumor became increasingly intense to discover that Apple could remove the 3.5 mm jack. Smartphone generation.

In fact, in the past it leaked that Apple had tried to register the trademark "AirPods" through an associated company, and has now discovered new info that would confirm this movement.

From MacRumors ensure that the process of registration of the mark "AirPods" has revealed very interesting and juicy details in the documents. Want to know more about the subject?

Apple wants to register the mark "AirPods"

The "AirPods" trademark was requested by the company Flight Entertainment LLC. Anyway, it would not be the first time that Apple uses a third party company as a "cover" for requests brands. In fact, already it happened with "iPad" with "carplay" and "iWatch", although the latter did not end in fruition.

It seems that one of the application documents marked "AirPods" was signed by an Apple employee. His name is Jonathan Brown, and works as a "Senior Standards Counsel" at the premises of Apple in Cupertino, a title well it could be related to the administration and management of patents and trademarks.

The comparison of the signatures collected by J. Brown leave no doubt, this is the same person.

However, the fact that Apple has applied for a trademark owner (the same applies to patents) does not necessarily mean that the company carries out its development.

We have spent many months talking about Bluetooth EarPods for iPhone in July. The truth is that would be a marvel, we could forget the cumbersome cables to get a user experience much more pleasant, but ... think these AirPods would be easier to to lose? Do you think the Beats manufactured? Would you be interested / a in use?

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