Apple Watch 2 could arrive in Fall -


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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Apple Watch 2 could arrive in Fall

Apple is planning to launch the next generation of its Apple Watch in September or October, since according to sources of the supply chain would have lowered the demand for tabets and wereables.

It is expected that manufacturers and component suppliers of Apple receive "standard" orders for the new Apple Watch despite its release date. As always, other sources say that orders could be much higher, as expected of the biggest releases. Given this fact can not find a reliable information on production will demand the Apple Watch 2.

What will we see in the Apple Watch 2?

Rumors suggest that the second generation of Apple Watch will come with many surprises hardware and some small physical improvements, but is not expected that this generation will bring us great changes - physically - on the device. For example, we expect an improvement in battery life, a better processor - please - and possibly some phone function.

Although we can not guarantee anything about the production because of the contradiction of the sources, what we can say is that your presentation will take place around September or October, as several sources agree on these dates. Earlier reports talk about how Apple is preparing the presentation of the iPhone next to the new Apple Watch - something with a lot of sense since the Apple Watch is merely an accessory to the iPhone - and do not forget that the iPhone are presented in September.

Presentation of the iPhone in July

A rumor placed the date of filing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on Friday 16 September. If this is the correct date of submission of the iPhone, we can expect to see the presentation of Apple Watch 2 that day. Given that Apple would release to the public the new watchOS 2 would be logical that this came with a new device for our dolls.

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