Apple will pay $ 25 million for infringing a patent -


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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Apple will pay $ 25 million for infringing a patent

Probably many of you will know Time Machine and CoverFlow, two features that allow viewing in a timeline changes that have been made ​​to a file for later to restore to an earlier stage.

Well, because of a patent filed in 1996, Apple will pay $ 25 million if you want to continue using both functions in their operating systems.

Apparently, it all started in 1996 when a professor at Yale Universdad and his student created Mirror Worlds LLC, a company that had a very similar to CoverFlow patent.

In this way, and how could it be otherwise, the company claimed what belongs to them a few years ago, and a judge ruled in favor of Mirror Worlds LLC to condemn Apple to pay no more and no less than 625 million dollars .

Later, Apple claimed the sentence, leaving it annulled a year later, so the Cupertino did not have to drop a single penny.

However, the bad news for apple bite comes when Mirror Worlds LLC was acquired by Network-1 and do not hesitate to claim back compensation for the use of his patent.

That is why, finally, Apple and Network-1 have reached an agreement to making use of the patent in exchange for 25 million dollars, a figure which make clear the importance of patenting any good idea.

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