Apple would have planned the launch of a MacBook Air with USB-C -


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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Apple would have planned the launch of a MacBook Air with USB-C

Last month, the network circulated the news that Apple plans to announce new models of MacBook Air with USB-C ports based on the Thunderbolt 3 ​​protocol in late June and begin to send the devices to retailers in August. However, seven weeks later, the rumor has not materialized. Still, a new report from DigiTimes website discloses that Apple still plans to launch a new MacBook Air with USB-C port after all.

The report does not provide a release schedule for updated MacBooks, but the rumor suggests the launch may be delayed.

Previously it had been reported that Apple will begin shipping the new "ultra thin" of 13 and 15 inches at the end of the second quarter MacBook. The report also clarified that the new MacBooks "share a similar to the current MacBook 12 - inch design" and will be "thinner than the existing MacBook Air."


It is also believed that the Cupertino company plans to launch new MacBooks ultra thin hinged metal injection molded in the second half of 2016.
Every line of Mac Apple, beyond the MacBook 12 inches this year, has stalled. Apple has not released a new MacBook Air in more than 500 days beyond a minor update that was to increase the RAM to 8GB for 13-inch models in April.

Alternatively, it is possible that the source (DigiTimes) is misinterpreting MacBook Pro with USB-C port as a MacBook Air.
If a new MacBook Air is coming out, it is expected that the launch is probably at the end of the year, during the Christmas season where most shopping is done throughout the year. Perhaps this is a move by the Cupertino company to give a boost to the sale of their products.

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