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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Begin bans in Pokémon GO

According to the latest information, Niantic has begun to temporarily ban all users of GO Pokémon that are jumping the basic rules of the game.

Specifically, these bans, I repeat, are temporary, are reaching all users who use a 'Fake GPS' type tool to change the location, allowing you to capture Pokémon from anywhere in the world without leaving home.

Apparently, users are banned initially for one hour, although this figure will gradually increase to become a lifetime ban if it continues to use third-party tools that change the game.

Thus, Niantic wants to keep at bay all game cheats, which it did in the past with Ingrees, his other augmented reality game for mobile devices.

On the other hand, and how unsurprisingly, there has been no ban by downloading the application from another region, so in this sense we can breathe easy.

Even so, I remember that the game is coming gradually to other countries, according Niantic, "will come to Spain in the coming days", so if you still do not have installed the most sensible thing would be to wait to officially land in our country.

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