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Monday, 11 July 2016

Calibrating the iPhone battery to improve its autonomy

It is very likely that at some point ye have noticed that your iPhone battery does not last as it should, and unless it be a serious problem, usually can be solved by calibrating correctly.

Before continuing, it is important to mention that in order to carry out the process properly not be able to use the iPhone in a fairly long period, so it is advisable to do at night.

  • The first step is to fully charge the battery of our iPhone.
  • Then disconnect the charger and use your iPhone like any other day until it runs out of battery and shut down completely.
  • Once off, we left uncharged for about 8 hours.
  • After 8 hours, connect the iPhone to the mains without touching it at any time, let it charge your battery for 8 hours.
  • Finally, we disconnect the iPhone charger and force pressed its reset while leaving the rest button and the start button.
  • After the whole process, with the passage of time we should note how the battery of our iPhone has improved its autonomy, taking much longer to go from 100% to 99% and from 1% to fade completely.

If, however, after making the whole process we note that it has not improved its performance and the device turns off without reaching 1%, most likely the battery is damaged, so you should think about his replacement.

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