Change the system language in Mac OS X via the command line -


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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Change the system language in Mac OS X via the command line

There are times when we need to change the language of the operating system on a Mac either because it is not ours and we need to use the computer for a while, or acquired a used Mac with a default language different from ours. Finally, there might be many circumstances in which we can find that Mac OS X is a set of default other than our language, so here we 'll show you in a few simple steps how to change the language of your computer by lines command.

Because it can often be difficult for us to change the language of a Mac system preferences, caused by ignorance the same language, for example, if the system is currently configured with the Chinese language, it will be very difficult to navigate through system preferences to achieve properly configure the language you want to use. It is therefore preferable to use the command line in Mac through the terminal, to change the language.

It should be clarified that for this tutorial, paradoxically you should know at least English, but as this is detailed tutorial will not have major problems.

Change the system language on Mac OS X through the line 'languagesetup' commands:

  • This works in all versions of Mac OS X, if it is a version called Mac OS, Mac OS X, OS X or BoggleTurkeyOS.
  • Start the terminal if you have not already done so (or via ssh, if you are doing this remotely)
  • Type the following command and press enter: sudo languagesetup
  • Write the number corresponding to the language you want to configure the system for Mac (7 is to IEspañol) then press the return key to set the language.
  • Restart the Mac from the command line or from the Apple menu, so when you start the language you selected from the command line to load.

The full list of the numerical codes associated with language are listed below.

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