Clash of Clans Guide - Clash of Clans July Update

Okay so today Supercell has launched the new Clash of Clans July Update with some small tweaks for a more balanced game. Let’s take a quick look my friend!
Clash of Clans July Update

Clash of Clans July Update – New Troop and Building Levels

New Giant Level 8
After upgrading to level 8, your Giant HP and damage will be increased a lot:
LevelDPSDamage per hitHPTraining Cost ElixirResearch Cost ElixirLaboratoryLevel RequiredResearch Time
8571141,2604,0009,500,000914 days
Giant Level 8 can only be unlocked at Town Hall 11.
New Archer Tower Level 14
The new Archer Tower Level 15 is also only available at Town Hall 11
This update is needed because the Bowler attack strategy is pretty strong right now at Town Hall 11.
What do you think about this update my friends?
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