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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Cleaning the Google Chrome DNS cache manually

Google Chrome browser is quite powerful with many interesting options that are hidden from the average user, but fumbling a bit in the browser, you can discover a variety of features that allow users to perform useful tasks. One of those hidden feature is the ability to manually delete the DNS host cache from the browser Chrome, this can be invaluable in situations where a user has changed the DNS settings in OS X.

It should be clarified that this has nothing to do with cleaning general web cache and history or remove Chrome browser cookies, the next tutorial deals specifically with DNS caches.

Clean DNS cache Google Chrome browser:

  • From the Google Chrome browser, type the command l + Mac to place the cursor in the URL bar. Then type the following URL: chrome: // net-internals / # DNS
  • Click "Return" to access all data from DNS, name servers, entries and searches in Chrome. Search the "Cache" section the button "Delete cache host" (Clear host cache), click this button to delete all the DNS cache specifically for the Chrome browser.

Once you have deleted the Chrome DNS cache, you do not need to restart the browser for the changes to take effect, which makes this process a little less intrusive.

If you're doing this to help solve a particular problem of access to a server or a URL, try visiting the URL again, as with clean DNS cache, which should work well.

Again, this will not affect the general data in Chrome as it is limited to DNS caches contained within the browser. You must clear the web cache and history separately Chrome if you're just looking remove a page downloaded from locally stored files.

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