Today I bring you a new video comparison between one of the most powerful high-end range. I'm talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the newly introduced OnePlus 3.

As you know, we are facing two phones with impressive hardware. The Samsung Galaxy S7 used in this test is the one with the Snapdragon 820 processor, the same processor as the OnePlus 3 most notable difference is found in RAM. The OnePlus 3 features 6 GB from 4 GB Galaxy S7. Both have the same screen size: 5.5 inches.

If we are guided by the technical specifications, the OnePlus 3 should be the winner. I leave you with the video and below will expound my views:

For if, incomprehensibly the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the winner even with hardware slightly lower. As you can see in the video, the test is open, load and close the same applications on both phones while being timed.

And why this result? because quite simple ... Because the difference the difference is found in the software. If it costs me say, Samsung has done a good job in its latest version of Touchwiz. This does not mean that Oxygen OS be a bad layer of customization, but if it yields slightly less than that of Samsung.

This type of evidence is too exquisite and exhaustive, since in everyday use, almost no difference appreciate.

And you, what do you think the comparison?
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