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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Connecting a Bluetooth command to your Android Device

As we have better specifications on our Android devices, improves the gaming market for this platform. There are very interesting titles on Google Play: Final Fantasy games , Minecraft, Real Racing 3, the new CSR2 , Dead Trigger 2, Modern Combat 5 and some others. All of them can better enjoy using a command as we spent the entire screen to take advantage of our tablet or smartphone.

There are good managers who can pick to play with your Android or opt for you can already have at home, such as Playstation Dualshock of. Both the PS3 and PS4 are valid. For Xbox they are invalid unless connected via cable are used and not using Bluetooth technology for communication. With OTG adapter you can connect any wired remote.

Connect a bluetooth remote control Android, step by step

If you have a device capable of moving powerful games and want to enjoy playing titles like the previously mentioned, here we will explain how to connect your remote control Android.

To connect a PS4 controller, the DualShock 4 will have to follow three simple steps.

1. Hold down both the Playstation button such as "Share" until the control light starts flashing.

2. Go to Settings> Bluetooth and search for the device. We will detect Android as a command to play.

3. Set it up in games that allows applications or choose Sixaxis Controller that does the work for you. Trial is to check that your Android is compatible.

For other controls it equals, for example for Xiaomi

The system is the same for any other bluetooth control except for how to activate the visibility of the command you want to link. In our case we have access to a command and Xiaomi is as easy as letting down the center button until it flashes.

What if I do not have a wireless controller with bluetooth?

For users who have a One Xbox or Xbox 360, or play on PC with these controls (or any other wired controller) can also play with your Android but in this case using a cable and OTG function device .

Check the specifications of your device and see if accounts with OTG connectivity. If you have, you only need a male to female adapter USB microUSB, also known as a OTG adapter. Connect the controller to your Android in this way and ready, you can use it without problems.

Now .. Let's play!

With this, you will have everything ready to play with your Android maximizing the screen. Furthermore, it goes without saying that playing with a gamepad is more comfortable than with the buttons on the screen. Do you think Android will end up being a reference platform for portable video games?

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