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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Did you think you had already read all about Pokémon Go? The 7 new products that are coming

One of the most important news last week was the arrival of Pokémon Go to mobile devices. Despite the expectations generated, and as much as we have engaged in The Free Android, we must recognize that this is a game that is quite far from perfect. S and they miss many of the things that make Pokémon is Pokémon, although it seems that that will change in the not too distant future.

What features will Pokémon Go in the nearest future? John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs (the company behind this installment), has not cut the hair to speak in different interviews receive the news that Pokémon Go soon. Hanke believes that now the game has a long way still to go, and are already working on new features.

The 7 new products that are coming to Pokémon Go

1- Launch worldwide

The launch of Pokémon Go was one of the most attractive points, as the title would be available worldwide simultaneously, but it was not. Currently only officially available from the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

What happened? According to Hanke, their servers were not prepared for the volume of users who were to play, so have decided to start with a few regions and go extending them as their servers have greater capacity. That is why although we can download the APK online does not always work as it should.

2- Exchange Pokémons with others

Pokémon exchanges have been around for 20 years, at the launch of the first title in the series. Because of this, all we expected to exchange Pokemons in the initial release, and certainly has been a disappointment to many fans not able to do from day one .

Soon we can trade Pokémon with our friends or strangers, although there is still no specific date for this. An essential to make the game more social feature.

3- more interactive Poképaradas

The Poképaradas are one of the favorite destinations for users, because every time we passed by we can acquire objects for our inventory, as Pokéballs or Potions for free. Currently the Poképaradas are a mine of resources, a point of capture through modules bait and little else.

The guys from The Pokémon Company Niantic and want to give more functionality to Poképaradas. They have not given more details about it, but it is more likely that allow us to interact with other players in the Poképaradas or leave gifts for our team mates.

4- Increased interaction with augmented reality

Another point of those who have spoken Hanke is on Augmented Reality. This technology makes Nexo between the game and the real world and think they can do really fun things with augmented reality, as improving Pokémons capture system using the camera.

Another issue is that Hanke has spoken about his intentions to make Pokémon Go with other devices such as augmented reality Hololens of Microsoft or Google Glass. They would like to make it consistent Go Pokémon, but for now there is no detailed information.

5- Go Plus Pokémon available in Spain on August 12

The Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable designed specifically for the game that allows us to find and capture Pokémon without having to be aware of the phone as it will alert us with a vibration every time we meet near a possible catch. This bracelet is priced at 39.90 euros and can already book, although the first units will not begin to reach users in Spain until August 12.

6- competitive Gyms

The Poképaradas are not the only point where coaches can interact. If we could get the Poképaradas resources, gyms we can improve our reputation as coaches, gyms defending our team or challenging the other teams.

Gyms also receive improvements in the future, focusing particularly on changes to strengthen the competitive aspect of the game. Able to get medals or improve the combat system would be two key enhancements that many players expect and give better rewards to the gym leaders.

Rating Tables 7-

And speaking competitively, why would we want to be the best if no one knows? A good way to know what the best players are is through a scoreboard where the best players appear. There will be at least one world ranking, and for our part we also expect to arrive rankings so locally, we can know who is the best coach in our city.

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