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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Disabling support for Wi-Fi on the iPhone

Assist on your iOS device.

It is noteworthy that many users will not notice much change data consumption if they have assistance Wi-Fi enabled or not, since this function usually does not intervene often.
Disabling support for Wi-Fi on the iPhone:

The iOS device must be able to receive data from a mobile phone provider, as well as wi-fi, which is why this feature is most commonly found on an iPhone but also works on cell models iPad. Here we'll show you in a short tutorial how to activate disable or enable:

Open the Settings application on the iPhone and go to "Cellular" (sometimes called 'Mobile or Phone' in other areas)

Scroll to the bottom of the options "Cell" and slide the switch "assistance Wi-Fi" in the OFF position to turn off Wi-Fi Assist and ON to enable the function.

The changes are immediate, so when you finish, exit the setup screen.

Generally unless you always find connections between wi-fi low quality, Wi-Fi Assist generally does not intervene often.

The wizard Wi-Fi is ideal for those who want to have their internet connected iPhone stably, without cuts. but sometimes, some users prefer to keep this function deactivated, either by the consumer mobile data or for any other reason.

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