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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Discover a Hacker "Dark Mode" in Sierra macOS

Support for Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Assist) is a feature that allows an iPhone to automatically start mobile data connection if the wi-fi signal is poor. activating assistance Wi-Fi makes the internet more stable, but has the potential disadvantage of an increased use of mobile data, why some users prefer to disable Wi-Fi Apple introduced the functionality Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite, but apparently the company is thinking of expanding this way to macOS Sierra.

Dark Mode changes the appearance of the Dock and menu bar to a black color , style very different from white / silver interface system.

A developer / hacker on Twitter has discovered, interestingly, a way to activate the Dark Mode in Sierra macOS while testing the Beta version.

Dark Mode can be enabled in Safari and System Preferences

Guilherme, the developer who has discovered the tip, has not made ​​clear which method or technique has been used to activate the Dark Mode in macOS Sierra, and has not indicated whether it will publicly unveil soon.

The functionality Dark Mode is one of the most requested by users of OS X and Mac OS Sierra, even in IOS 10. This is because many people do not like the appearance of the user interface, and others would like to have a special way to use the Mac (iPhone, or iPad) at night.

For now, it is quite unlikely that Apple implement the Dark Mode in iOS 10 or macOS Sierra, but perhaps in future versions functionality comes to both operating systems. For now, users of iPhone and iPad, we settle function Night Shift introduced in iOS 9.3.

macOS Sierra at # WWDC16

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