Do not expect the iPhone 7 to be faster than the model 6s -


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Friday, 15 July 2016

Do not expect the iPhone 7 to be faster than the model 6s

Despite the exciting new features including the iPhone 7 it seems to be that the processor will include not be as fast as you think.

The iPhone update this year, but it will include interesting features, would not be affected by major changes, without going too far would copy largely the design of iPhone 6. To be more specific, the update would focus more on updating some hardware components, emphasizing the processor.

The Cupertino company plans to implement the A10 chip in its new smartphone model, but probably will not provide any significant improvement in performance over the iPhone 6s, according to these first benchmarks of the processor.

Some chip Apple upgrades have been significant improvements in performance. The A6 was more than two times more powerful than the A5. On the other hand generation it brought a huge A7 processors to Apple devices momentum, and finally the A9 chip last year has a considerable improvement over the A8 chip, which is included in the iPhone 6 series.

Do not wait for something similar on the A10 processor to be included in the iPhone 7. According to the first results of Geekbench 3, the A10 chip this year will be only slightly faster than last year 's A9 chip and a performance A9X almost identical to the number included in the iPAD Pro.

In tests of a core A10 processor achieves a score of 3.010. That's only 491 points more than the A9, scoring a total of 2,519, and only 10 points more than the number of chips A9X.

As stated earlier, it seems that the iPhone this year will not see major changes, so the iPhone 2017 could be what most users would be waiting.

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