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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Download Two Snapchat applications

Many people sometimes want to have two accounts of a social network and not all allow us to have multiple accounts in one application, so we could install the same application twice but that's very difficult without Jailbreak but fortunately we have more options over time and here show how have two applications Snapchat free and without Jailbreak.

The process is a bit long but easy enough, you must download and install the application Zestia, for that must give click here from your iOS device.

When we want to download the application also we need to install the profile developer so you can work on our device but we can not use.

 Please visit this page with an iPhone / iPad or iPod.

Once downloaded and installed will enter the application to look in there application Snapchat 2 we will be quick to download as Zestia commands us to publicize the AppStore but once achieved the download, we see that is downloading to our home screen and we have to go to the application Settings - General - date & time and there we will disable the Auto and let's go back in time, we have to date of 12 July 2012. This is a bug in iOS 9.3 so it worked without any problem, we must make use of this bug so we can install the application otherwise we can not do.

If we do this process correctly installed the second application of Snapchat on our device running at 100%.

Voila, we have two fully functional applications Snapchat on our device, preferably watch the video to have no doubt , and yet tweeted contact me with any questions:

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