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Friday, 1 July 2016

Extensions for Siri and Maps on iOS 10 come from the hand of Third Parties

iOS 10 will bring many new features when it comes to user devices next fall. Among them, it is noteworthy that Apple has decided to open the door to third - party developers so they can create extensions for Siri and Maps on iOS 10.

With this move, Apple allows developers to adapt their applications to exchange information with Siri or the app Maps on iOS 10. On the one hand, this change Apple increases support Siri with other applications, and another gets support maps for free.

Siri expands its functions thanks to support third-party apps

This is something that users have long been asking for, and there is greater integration with third party applications. Thus, the functions of Siri in iOS 10 will be increased and the user can interact with other applications through virtual voice assistant.

IOS 10 third-party developers can adapt their applications to the user to make requests through Siri and perform certain functions. But is not the only application that third-party extensions come in iOS 10, another one is Maps.

The extensions also come to Maps

The Maps application Apple iOS 10 will feature a variety of features, including an interface improved search that slides up from the inside of the screen and leverages proactive intelligence to suggest common routes, among other things. On the other hand, new search filter were also presented, as well as a new dynamic vision with directions that change angle when turning, manual pan and zoom functions to see the traffic situation is carried out.

But that's not all, as the Maps app in iOS will also support 10 with the search for points of interest along the current route, as well as suggestions of alternative routes based on traffic. The new support carplay allow automakers to integrate automatically maps that will help the user remember where you parked the car.

One of the biggest news of Maps on iOS 10 are extensions, it is that as Apple announced at WWDC 2016, this application will also feature support for third - party applications. In this way, the user will have facilities at the time to find a restaurant through integration with Yelp, create a reservation through OpenTable, book a trip through a reservation mechanism Uber integrated into the app Maps, and much more.

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