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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Facebook Messenger is updated with functions 3D Touch

Facebook Messenger for iPhone has 3D support functions Touch the icon for your application iOS since December, and today has been updated to expand its capabilities within the app.

Therefore, users who have an iPhone 6s and / or iPhone 6s Plus will enjoy new features 3D Touch with Peek and Pop functions.

Touch 3D functionality of Facebook Messenger for iPhone 6s provides access to information and preview content much faster and more convenient to press more firmly on the device screen mode.

3D Touch Messenger developments in Facebook

Since Facebook does not stop working on your Messenger application, perhaps to improve their competitiveness with WhatsApp, his other instant messaging application. In fact, a couple of weeks ago Facebook included new Emoji Messenger for iOS . And now, it is updated with new 3D Touch.

Facebook Messenger highlights its 3D Touch features in these sections: Contacts, Conversations, Photos, Videos, Stickers, Links and Locations (See the attached pictures).

With the gesture "Peek" you can preview info pressing firmly. Then the gesture "Pop" will open the option if you push further. Additionally, as we report in 9to5Mac , you can slide your finger gesture after "Peek" to access faster action.

Certainly a major upgrade, and good news for iPhone users iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. If you want to try the new features 3D Touch Facebook Messenger, you can now begin to press firmly on the different sections of Messenger on your iPhone.

Download Facebook Messenger for iOS

Get the app completely free messaging widget Facebook from the following download:

Recently, Facebook Messenger announced that it would enter talks encrypted end-to-end application individually , and will soon during this summer.

What do you think about the latest Facebook Messenger for iOS?

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