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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Facebook Testing Encryption End-To-End WhatsApp

Messenger, the instant messaging application Facebook, was the last to adopt the end-to-end encryption for your chat conversations, thus ensuring that nobody can access the data from their servers.

For all we know, by now Facebook is only performing tests, so it is not known exactly when the update will come to the iPhone and iPad. According to the company , its release will occur this summer.

The Facebook Messenger app is recently updated with many improvements, including the introduction of bots and many other features for iOS and Android. Even renewed emoji !

Apple, WhatsApp and Telegram already use encryption end-to-end

Apple uses the end-to-end encryption in its messaging applications FaceTime and Messages. Meanwhile, WhatsApp incorporated this provision in April, and Telegram and used for some time.

"We are beginning to test the ability to create secret talks one-to-one in Messenger with end-to-end encryption, and which can only be read on the device of the person with whom you are communicating. This means that messages are only for you and the other person, no one else, not even us. "

Instead of using the end-to-end encryption for all messages from Facebook state that will be an alternative option that users can activate chat conversations in Facebook Messenger for iPhone and iPad.

"Start a secret conversation with someone is optional. This is because many people want Messenger to work when you switch between devices such as a tablet, a PC or a smartphone. The secret talks can only be read on a device, and we recognize that the experience might not be enjoyable for everyone. It is also important to mention that secret talks are not compatible with GIFs, Stickers, videos and other benefits of Facebook Messenger. "

Download Facebook Messenger

You can get the mobile messaging application Facebook widget from the following download:

What do you think the inclusion of end-to-end encryption Facebook Messenger? Does the company does well by treating it as an optional feature?

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