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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Facebook works in secret talks with encrypted messages to Messenger

The security offered by the application of Messenger Facebook is about to take an important step forward. Messenger will have a choice of secret talks with end to end encrypted messages, he has confirmed the social network. The messages sent or received by these conversations will be indecipherable, and can be programmed to self-destruct after a specified time.

On the line marked applications like WhatsApp ( with their conversations 100 100 safe ) Telegram (with your choice of secure messages) or iMessages Apple, Facebook Messenger include an option of "secret conversation" in the profile of our contacts, allowing us to access a separate chat in which an encrypted messages that have not Zuckerberg's own network can access.

Messenger encryption is end-to-end

Messenger secret talks with encrypted messages will be options, which means that when we speak to someone on the chat will continue to use a default connection that, despite being encrypted, does not provide protection end-to-end messages. The option of "secret conversation" will have a significantly different interface (with text bubbles black, for example), and the messages that pass by it only can be read from a device at the same time.

In addition, these private conversations will be quite limited at first, and we can not share or videos or GIFs during the conversation encrypted end to end. In the future the images themselves can be shared through these conversations, and be equally encrypted text messages. And, as in WhatsApp, users can confirm comparing their respective encryption encryption codes.

As detailed Facebook in this PDF , conversations that we maintain through the option of secret message will be encrypted using a password that is generated in our own device, so no matter what happens a third person will ever have way to recover our private conversations in Messenger.

The secret talks Facebook Messenger will arrive in summer

The secret talks Facebook Messenger are currently undergoing testing and will not be until the coming summer months (between August and September, we imagine) when users start receiving this news on their devices.

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