Find all Pokémon placing them on the map with Poke Radar -


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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Find all Pokémon placing them on the map with Poke Radar

Yes, this is another post with GO Pokémon protagonist . Although it sure is of great interest to all those who enjoy kicking mobile streets in hand looking for the elusive animals. Do you want to find them all? It 's really complicated if you do not have a map detailing all that appear, do not you think? Well, that map there.

Poke Radar is a simple application based on web service of the same name with which you can find any game Pokémon Pokémon GO. Updated by users and aimed at these same users: Poke Radar is a localization tool generated in real time and managed to correct as many errors as possible. With it you're one step less to make you all.

Poke Radar is easy to use, although quite unstable

The application and has cost for download or possess purchases within the app is still in beta and you must download it as .apk to install, but no risk beyond their own installation.'ve Tried without complications. Well, this is not exactly true.
    Poke Radar is maintained with some servers that do not support demand

The main problem Poke Radar, both in its app version and on its website, is that the servers that support the service does not support the huge number of requests made ​​by the millions of users of Pokémon GO who want to complete faster your Pokédex and contribute to the development of the map. This results in a constant lack of response from the server, but the information is accessible if you have a little patience.

Poke Radar uses a map generated by Google Maps where we appear based on our location. Around we see what Pokémon have been reported recently. This means that we can go to the exact area to look for more copies, even though it is not close: the map can be moved with the option to extend a particular area.
    Pokémon appear on the map in their hunting site with the date to which were seen

Apart from the direct search on the map, Poke Radar allows you to search a specific Pokémon subsequently locating it on the plane. And, if you click on the central Pokéball, we can report those Pokémon that we've seen thus collaborate with the community. It is even possible to assess the meetings thus correcting possible errors.

A perfect complement to Pokémon that does not solve GO hunting 


Although they appear to know where the Pokémon is helpful, Poke Radar also provides much more than a simple track. Rare Pokémon need not always appear in the same place, although they can see trends based on the type of land (if safe water rivers that Pokémon are reported, for example). In addition, it is administered by the gaming community is a guarantee.

You can download Poke Radar from the following link to Uptodown. In beta, without requiring any permission other than the location, no advertising and no in app purchases. Although it works in fits and starts, you must take this into account. You can also access the website Poke Radar .
Poke Radar

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  1. I know this app. But it receives info only from players. I've read a detailed review of pokeradar to learn where I can get the best Pokemon in my town. Anybody heard about Pokevision map??


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