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Saturday, 16 July 2016

first real video of the iPhone 7

Surprise! Just show what could be the first real video of the iPhone 7, but unfortunately it has a miserable time of only 7 seconds.

Still, the video length is more than enough to confirm any of the rumors we've been hearing in recent months, such as that unfortunately for many, it will have a very similar to the iPhone 6 design.

Similarly, in the video we can see a design change in their antennae, a rear camera larger and elimination Jack headphone port, possibly the most discussed and debated feature of the device.

Otherwise, I remind you that the latest rumors say that Apple would have decided to also remove the mute button and 16GB storage to provide a minimum capacity of 32GB.

What do you mean about that? Do you think that this is in fact the iPhone 7?

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