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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

first update of Pokémon GO is available

One of the most downloaded from the App Store games, Pokémon GO made ​​its first update since its release made ​​on July 5. This consists basically in arranging some mistakes that caused several players Pokémon GO have problems when using the application.

A major concern with GO Pokémon was that the application had full access to the Google account of a user session when initiated through Google on an iPhone, a problem has now been solved.

For this reason, many users of the app were concerned Niantic (game developer) would have access to their account information from Google as Gmail messages, Google Drive documents and more through full access to their accounts, but from Niantic have reported that when the app "demanded full access" was a mistake because it is nothing more than basic user profile information as requested.

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From today's update, GO Pokémon no longer request access to Google accounts when a Google account is used as a login option.

Niantic Labs is also introducing corrections in the registration process, which should reduce the number of times players have to enter the game, among other improvements.

This update focuses on making GO Pokémon go more stable with the following improvements:

  • Coaches do not have to enter your username and password several times after a forced closing session.
  • Greater stability in the registration process in the Pokémon Trainer Club account.
  • issues that cause application problems are resolved.
  • It fixed the scope of permits Google account.

Since its launch last week, Pokémon GO has been a great success, earning an estimated $ 1.6 million in daily revenues with approximately 7.5 million downloads in the United States. The game has sparked a worldwide phenomenon, getting great coverage in the media.

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