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Friday, 8 July 2016

Games for iPhone and iPad Hardest for this Summer

Today no games like once developed, a couple of decades ago, video games were much more difficult to complete, with the advent of mobile gaming has lost that interest in "manipulating" the human brain and make the players suffer for end a game.

Fortunately, the App Store has added some pretty difficult titles, and today we are ready to challenge our readers to see if lográis successfully complete levels of the toughest games for iPhone and iPad.

Do you accept the challenge? We started!

The most difficult games of the App Store


Prepare to die, die, and die again. And then to die again, and m ... Well, you get the idea, right? VVVVVV (finally an original name) is a retro platform game style where you have to jump avoiding spikes and all sorts of obstacles. Every move you make is very important! It is very complicated and requires nerves of steel, good luck!

Geometry Dash

Perhaps many of you already may know, this is one of the most popular games in the App Store. Geometry Dash is one of those "impossible" games that drive you crazy with their convoluted and complex levels. In this title Your goal will be to avoid obstacles to the rhythm of music. Oddly addictive!

Please, do not touch anything

Attracts forbidden, it is a fact. And if they tell you not touch anything, in the end you end up touching. This game is a kind of deadly psychological experiment that invites us to control a panel with very intricate puzzles deactivation. If you manage to finish it you've exceeded our challenge!

Undoubtedly, this selection 3 games end up giving you a headache and you put the nerves if you fail to complete them. Which one did you like most? Should we include another difficult game for iPhone and iPad here? Let us know from the comments.

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