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Friday, 1 July 2016

Give a new utility notification center with NCapps (jailbroken)

Then we 'll show the NCapps jailbreak tweak that allows launching any application you have on your iPhone or iPod touch jailbreak from the notification center.

With NCapps, further to the right of the notifications tab where you will see a network of applications on your device tab is obtained. Pressing on them the right application in the notification center, rather than outside outside it will launch, as shown in the figure below.

You can interact with the application in the same way as if you did normally full screen. The tweak gives you access to all the gestures and internal controls application button so you can literally use the application from the notification center.

When finished using the application, simply click on the 'X' red button located on the top right of the interface of the application and re-locate in network applications where you can play in another application icon or continue to use other functions notification center.

Although applications run within the Notification Center rather than full screen, there should be no impact on the performance of your device.

Even when you close the notification center with an open application, the application is stored in the device memory as if estubiera using the application normally, and then to reopen the notification center, the application is already running and ready for use again.

The idea is to give faster access to another application because you can access the Notification Center from anywhere, either from the home screen, or even from within another application.

For protected with an access code devices, NCapp shows no application in the center of notifications from the lock screen, which is important from a safety standpoint.

It is clear that the tweak does not work on iPads, but it works on other devices jailbroken with iOS 9.0 and higher. NCapps costs $ 0.99 and can be found in the BigBoss Cydia repository.

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