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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Go Pokémon installed on iOS

Go Pokémon was released for Android, but not everyone can be downloaded and the bad news is that iOS users will wait longer to get it in the AppStore. But if we know we have alternatives thanks to Jailbreak but this time we will show you how to install Pokémon Go on without Jailbreak iOS.

The process is a bit long but easy enough, you must download and install the application Zestia, for that must give click here from your iOS device.

When we want to download the application also we need to install the profile developer so you can work on our device but we can not use.

Once downloaded and installed will enter the application to look in there HiPStore application, this applied also will download and install on our device because here is where we will download Pokémon Go. Once installed we will have to enter the application Settings - General - Profiles, there HiPStore find the profile and we will also select Trust Developer so that we can use the application.

Inside we find HiPStore Go Pokémon only should give Tap where it says Download and then we can install. When temiere the process, to use the application have to enter the application Settings - General - Profiles, and seek the application of Pokémon Go and we will select Developer Trust.

Ready, Go Pokémon already have iOS with a fairly easy process, 

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