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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Happy Anniversary iPhone 3G! On this day, Apple sold its second iPhone

July 11, 2008. The 3G iPhone is put on sale, and becomes the first product in Apple's history to sell over a million units during its first weekend. So Apple decided to open borders and sell this model outside the United States.

Apple significantly improved the original iPhone GPS, 3G data and include high quality manufacturing. The iPhone 3G coincided with the release of iOS 2 and therefore the push emails, navigation turn-by-turn and the App Store.

Steve Jobs was very pleased with the resounding success of Apple iPhone 3G, and mentioned that "it took 74 days to sell a million original iPhone, so the new iPhone 3G was having a great launch worldwide".


In addition to updates made to its software and hardware, one of the biggest advantages of the iPhone 3G was its price. As we reported in Cult of Mac , it arrived at 189 €, 60% cheaper than the original iPhone, which cost about 489 €.

Its price helped boost smartphone sales, helping Apple to keep climbing positions among the most important technology companies. In fact, it has reached such a level today that Apple managed to sell up to 13 million units of iPhone 6s in one weekend.

WWDC - Introducing iPhone 3G

Happy anniversary, iPhone 3G! How you've changed, little ... 😉

Now yes, it is when we can say that from ...

iPhone, you started.

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