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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How much Battery and Data Use Pokémon GO?

In CP we keep GO butt Pokémon, and that is a real vice. However, we must be careful as Pokémon GO uses mobile data, among other things, and a very prolonged use could be a problem for your monthly fee.

Some people have contracted 1.2GB of data per month, 3GB other ... but there are also people who have a much tighter just a few hundred megs rates. Although it must be said that GO is not Pokémon applications consume more data, as you will see below.

How many mobile data consumes Pokémon GO?

As has been told, Pokémon GO has an average consumption of between 10 and 12 MB ​​for about an hour. But if we compare it with other applications that consumption is not so great as Netflix, YouTube and other streaming video services have a cost much higher mobile data.

Returning to Pokémon GO, if you consume 10MB per hour if for example 4 hours a day, and would be enough, is played consumption would be 40 MB. Although there who claims to have a consumption of 25 MB after 8 hours of play, which would mean an expenditure of just 3 MB per hour. To this must be added the mobile data that are spent to surf the web, check Facebook, talking on WhatsApp ...

If you have a rate of several hired gigas you do not have to be problem, but if instead you have a rate of 200 or 500 MB per month of mobile data and you spend the day hunting pokémon is possible that these bichejos end up with your data.

GO Pokémon could also end the battery life of your mobile phone

And the battery? If you have downloaded Pokémon GO and you see some return from time to time in search of pokémon you have noticed how the battery of your iPhone is spent much faster than usual. The game makers are aware of this battery drain and already announced that they are working on a solution.

It remains to be seen if possible to get a lower battery consumption GO Pokémon, but considering that the display is lit all the time and is continuously using the GPS for geolocation seems somewhat complicated. Meanwhile, there are some tricks to not run out of battery on your device while playing Pokémon GO.

One of the things you can do is to activate the energy saving mode of the game, just open Pokémon GO click the settings icon in the upper right corner active and saving battery. Ready! From now on when you drop your phone or put it upside down slightly dims the screen.

Disable sound effects, music or vibration will also help the battery is consumed less rapidly. Finally, another alternative is to make a case with integrated battery or a portable battery.

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