How to activate or deactivate Night Shift in iOS from control center

 The "Night Shift" or night mode in iOS makes the device screen readapt to a spectrum of warmer colors, thus reducing the production of blue light on the screens. This makes the screen of an iPhone or iPad is more pleasing to the eye in the evening hours and in the dark.

Night mode requires the latest version of iOS installed on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

How to activate or deactivate Night Shift in iOS from control center:

The fastest way to activate or deactivate the night shift is done from the control center panel on any iOS device.

    Touch above the bottom of the device screen to access the control center.
    Click on the icon of sun / moon in the control center to enable (or disable) the "night shift" function.

The effect is immediate and you 'll notice that the color changes instantly to become a warmer, in the event that the function is activated.

If it was already enabled the night shift, and proceeds to disable the screen will return to its default color profile.
How luce night mode?

The animated image found below shows an iPhone screen alternating between normal mode and night shift.

You can adjust the heat of the night mode by going to Settings> Brightness & display> night shift.

What is the point night shift?

There is a lot of science behind the harmful effects of exposure to blue light on sleep and health. Aside from the potential health benefits that brings Night Shift, you'll probably find it more pleasant to read and interact with a shade screen "warmer" once you get the night and ambient light is low.
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