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Sunday, 3 July 2016

How to create a USB boot drive MacOS installer Sierra

Surely there are many Mac users who want to install macOS beta Sierra from an external USB drive, giving the user the possibility of carrying the installer wherever, to reuse it on another Mac. So today we 'll show you the steps to create a bootable USB disk installer beta macOS Sierra.

Requirements to make a bootable installation disk usb Sierra macOS 10.12:

USB flash memory to the format you do not mind because it will become the installer boot OS (about 16GB is the most recommended).
The installer for Mac OS 10.12 Beta Sierra downloaded from the App Store or the developer center.

The installer, named as "Install 10.12 Developer" you must be in the / Applications / folder.

Create a boot drive usb MacOS Sierra:

Conectaa USB to Mac, remember that this USB drive will be deleted and formatted, so make sure there is nothing important on the disc.
Rename the USB flash drive to "SierraInstaller" no spaces (you can choose another name if you wish)
Starts the Terminal application, located in / Applications / Utilities / folder and run the following command:

MacOS Sierra 10.12 Beta Developer Preview:

sudo / Applications / Install \ 10.12 \ Developer \
/ Volumes / SierraInstaller -applicationpath / Applications / Install \ 10.12 \
Developer \ -nointeraction && say Done

Check the accuracy of syntax in Terminal, then press the return key and authenticate with the administrator password when prompted, this starts the process of creating boot disk Sierra and may take a while to complete.

Terminal will be updated with several messages, together with the progress of the task, when the "Done" boot disk installer Sierra MacOS has been created successfully, review.
Terminal salt as usual at the end.

Now you have a USB bootable disk installation MacOS Sierra 10.12, to install on any Mac compatible with the operating system, all you have to do is proceed with the OS installation like any other software installation Mac OS X.

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