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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to Disable the Message 'No SIM card'

One of the alerts that will see new iPhone users most often be the message "No SIM card" or "Invalid SIM". These warnings are completely normal, and not have to worry. As soon as you enter an operating SIM card messages disappear.

However, some users have reported that these warnings were still appears despite having entered your SIM in the iPhone. If this is the case with any of you, any of these methods will solve your problem.

  • Restart your iPhone
  • Turns Airplane mode
  • Upgrade to the latest version iOS
  • Make sure your SIM card is activated by your operator.

How to disable the SIM card alert

Some users have antique iPhone - so you can not upgrade to the latest version of iOS - and these alerts also constantly bother them. Luckily for them, and those users who may not make the steps described above, there is another solution.


COySIM is available totally free in the BigBoss repository in Cydia. Once the installation is complete, this tweak will offer various options. These functions include disabling the message "No SIM card" or replace the status of "No SIM" to "No Service".

In addition, you can delete the name of your operator status bar if you want to hide the knowledge of others or simple aesthetics.

This tweak is quite useful for those who have iPhone that do not use currently as mobile but give another use: listen to music on a speaker, search the web ...

Add the BigBoss repository

In the Cydia app go to the Fonts tab, once there click on "Edit" then on the top left button "Add". Enter the source repository and then click on "Add Source".

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