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Monday, 11 July 2016

How to disable the pop-up text selection in Opera

In the latest version of the Opera browser, a free VPN that serves to protect the privacy of users while surfing the web it is included. It is certainly an interesting feature, but not the only one, because newer versions include a feature somewhat annoying showing a pop-up that appears at any time and in any selected text in the browser. Still, you have the ability to disable the annoying pop-up and select text normally Opera.

In the most recent versions of Opera, the feature is that when any text is selected within the browser, and a pop-up appears suggesting two options: "Google Search" and "Copy". Est pop-up can be somewhat annoying, so we'll show how to disable it.

Disable the pop-up search text selection in Opera:

  • Menu displays web browser and go to "Settings" (opera: // settings)
  • Select "Browser"
  • Go to section UI and uncheck the box "Enable the search window on the text selection"

Exit the configuration window and uses Opera as usual without the annoying popup.

That's it, you're already off pop-up window and you can select the text in the browser normally.

It is not yet understood why developers have decided to keep this program on by default this feature because it is somewhat annoying and could hinder the reading of a text.

Anyway, now you know how to disable the pop-up when text is selected in the Opera browser. If for some reason you want to re-enable this feature, all you have to do is go to the browser menu, go to Preferences -> Navigator and check the box "Enable the search window on the text selection".

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