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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How to Forward an Email from iPhone Properly with Mail

One of the great advantages of having a smartphone, among other things, is that you can have access to email from anywhere, whenever you have connection to clear the Internet is. The Mail iOS application is quite complete and its functions is that of to forward mail, but generally not used correctly.

For this reason, today we'll teach you how to properly forward an email from the Mail app on your iPhone. So when you want to send an email to another email address you can be sure you've done well.

The forwarding feature allows you to take an email from the inbox and send to which another person. No doubt a very useful feature that is used quite frequently at work or within the personal, but also often misused many times or even accidentally mistaking the response function.

So email is forwarded from the iPhone with iOS Mail app

The steps you must take to correctly forward email using the Mail app on the iPhone they are:

  • Open the Mail app on the iPhone.
  • In the inbox select the email you want to forward mail to another address.
  • Once inside the mail click on the icon with an arrow pointing to the left.
  • A small menu with several options, where you have to choose the forward option will be displayed.
  • Enter the email address to which you want to forward the message, add a message if you want on top of email, attachments if necessary, and finally, click on the Send button. As simple as that!

Remember that the forwarding function is not the same as the answer because the second you do is send a reply to the email to the person who sent you.

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