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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to get notifications of a particular account Instagram on iOS

Surely ever you wanted to receive notifications make a specific account in Instagram or a particular post. To do this, you only need to go a little way in the application settings and configure individual notifications Instagram accounts. This feature is very useful if you only want to follow the activity of a particular family, a friend or whoever without notification fill Instagram activity.

Here we show you how to configure this feature on your iOS device without major problems.

Get notifications Instagram Post:

  • The notifications feature post to Instagram probably work on iPhone and Android too, but obviously this tutorial will be focusing to the iOS app.
  • Open the app and scroll to the post of the user who want to be alerted and notified when any activity occurs.

In the post photo, click on the button ellipsis (...)

Select "Enable notifications Post"

A small gray bar appears at the top of the application screen warning that the post notifications feature is now enabled and when at any time I posted on Instagram user, you will receive a notification of activity of that specific account.

You can change your post notifications of any account where you can view messages, either if the account is public or private, it does not matter, as long as you can view the messages.

It works the same way with several profiles also, so if this is the case you're navigating between multiple accounts of Instagram just to see the recent activity of some users, using the function will save you much time.

This does not send any notification to the user you are following or enable notifications for another user, this only applies to you.

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