How to install iOS 10 Public Beta 1 for those who would like to test

Apple released iOS 10 Public Beta 1 for those interested in a trial can now register at

After that these pages. You can register by logging in with your Apple ID, then select the menu then iOS Enroll Your Devices.

Step 2 must be completed after Enroll down Dowbload profile and install the iPhone first.

Step 3. Select the iPhone in order to install the Profile Once installed, the machine will reboot the first round, then Software Update to check it.


  • IOS 9 should be backed up before updating to iOS 10 Public Beta 1.
  • iOS 10 are currently still in the testing phase is complete, it is 100% impossible.
  • Backup files in iOS 10 is reused with iOS 9 if you downgrade them down.
  • Should study well before the update.
  • The apps use some work is not complete.
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