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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to measure distances with mobile (Android)

Smartphones are an essential tool when performing certain tasks. Thanks to your Internet connection have the ability to communicate with anyone or consult any information, and oddly enough, we can also measure distances with mobile.

How is possible? We offer some of the best applications we've found in Google Play. Free and simple applications that will allow you to measure distances using your phone.

Rule (Ruler)

The first application is one of the simplest and functional we can find. This is an application whose functionality is to convert our phone into a rule.

Once we started implementing a rule in screen indicates centimeters to measure appears. We tested with phones of different sizes between five and six inches and the truth is that all the measurements are correct, but also has a tool to gauge the rule should not give us a true measure.

The application includes various measurement modes that allow us to measure with ease thanks to the touch screen. It is free, has no advertising and no micropayments, so if you need an emergency rule is an essential application.

Rule (Ruler)

Version: 1.8 Author: Requires Android 4.0.3 and higher versions
Size: 2.4M

Rangefinder: Smart Measure

It may happen that as need requires a more powerful tool than a rule. If we measure the height of a lamppost for example, the rule we may outgrow and need a little more.

Rangefinder is the application you need on this occasion. It is an application that using the camera is capable of measuring the distance we are from an object. Knowing our height and distance, is able to measure the height thanks to the gyroscope very easily. We take a picture, aim at the foot of the object to be measured and press the button to take action, and we just have to focus on the highest part of the object and that's it, we appear height.

This time, rangefinder is a free application, but includes advertising. In our tests we found that outdoor medium distance works well, but nevertheless short distances indoors fails more than it should, something you should consider.

Rangefinder: Smart Measure
Version: 1.6.3a Author: Requires Android 2.3 and higher versions
Size: 3.4M

Tool Box

And finally, we find necessary for those who do not comply with a rule, they need to have the complete toolkit on your smartphone application. Of the various kits free tools we tested, Tool Box is the best.

Tool Box includes a ruler to measure distances with a mobile, but also has a leveler to see if the object you are measuring is well leveled a portaángulos, compass, decibel meter and many other tools.

Tool Box is another free application with no advertising and micropayments, and certainly is an excellent multi - purpose application, which also includes support for Android Wear.

Tool Box (Free)

Version: 1.6.5.AF Author: Requires Android 4.1+
Size: 7.3m

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