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Saturday, 30 July 2016

How to Play Pokémon Go And Tips

They are walking with your eyes glued to the screen of your phone. Are hunters Pokémons, looking for the mythical creatures in the streets, parks, rivers and even within hospitals or train tracks (WARNING-DANGER).

The free app Pokémon Go, based on the game invented by the Japanese Nintendo 20 years ago, it has been adapted to the Internet age by Niantic Labs, a company created by Google last year.

Pokémon Go uses satellite tracking system for smartphones and uses the capabilities of their cameras to locate the monsters in real - world locations, challenging players to capture and train these creatures for combat.


Capture and train monsters to fight for control of virtual "gyms" deployed in real-world locations appearing on maps smartphones.

Players win when they manage to control the gym.

To start:

- Download the free app Pokémon Go to Android or iOS, Apple's operating system.

- Build a character who will be its dual digital.

- Go to the icon "PokeStop" on the map and click to bring up pictures of real places.

- Turn the image to get the Pokeball, the famous white and red bullets to capture the Pokémon.

- Advance to the next level, visiting the "PokeStops" or capturing creatures.

Catching Monsters

- When walking, you should try to detect signals on the map of the vicinity of a Pokémon and approach.

- When the image of a Pokemon appears on the screen click.

- Go to camera mode and scan around to locate the monster in its "natural" environment and throw a bullet to capture, pressing Pokeball at the bottom of the screen.

Training monsters

- To increase the power of Pokémon use stardust and specific sweets for each monster.

- Once at level 5 can conquer an arena and challenge the occupant. If you win the battle, let a Pokémon to defend the place.

How to win

- You have to take control of the arena.

Pro tips

- Carry battery charger or battery replacement because the game is exciting.

- Play as a team to maintain control of the arena.

- WARNING: Do not be carried away by the excitement of the game venturing into dangerous or forbidden places.

- Remember that your geolocation is being controlled and others can find it.

- At first, avoid capture everything that comes if you want to be able to catch the legendary Pikachu later. Do not capture the first three appear.

Where to play

- Outside the countries where the application was officially launched (Australia, New Zealand, United States and Germany), many players have found tricks to start playing from now.

- With an iPhone (Apple), create an iTunes account in Australia, New Zealand or the United States, for example-what that means giving ZIP code locally, with an email address different from the commonly used.

- In Android, simply download an .apk (Android Package), found for example in the Mirror APK page.

- Cyber ​​security specialists have warned about false applications that contain viruses that can take control of the phone remotely.

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