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Friday, 22 July 2016

How to Play Pokémon GO without leaving home without Jailbreak

Given that Pokémon GO servers seem to be always fallen, and their accessibility options are no wonder, many people do not want to walk around town to find your favorite Pokémon.

Today we will explain how you can make walking in Pokémon GO without having to do it in real life, there is a tweak for this trick with Jailbreak, but this time we explain how to do it without Jailbreak.

Someone was able to turn the Cydia tweak a kind of application, this means that you can download on your iPhone and iPad. His name is PokemonGoAnywhere, and that's how you can install it .

How to install PokemonGoAnywhere WITHOUT Jailbreak

You will need to:

  • iPhone / iPad
  • Pokémon Go
  • Mac OS X

If you do not have a Mac, or do not know how to install a Virtual Machine, you can get a copy of iPaStore for $ 12 a year. If you have a Mac, follow these steps:

1. Go to the official website of iPaStore .

2. Download the tool for Mac OS X.

3. Open iPaStore.

4. Download the .ipa "PokemonGO".

5. Select "Open in ..." (Open In ...).

6. Choose iPaStore and install the app automatically.

And you're done! Thus you can get the PokemonGoAnywhere tweak on your iPhone / iPad without Jailbreak for a fairly reasonable price.

Download Pokemon GO

The game Pokémon GO has become a success in the App Store around the world (or at least in all those countries where the game is available). For anyone who is unfamiliar with the title, if that is possible, it is a very interesting augmented reality game in which each user becomes a coach who must capture all the Pokémon.

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