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Friday, 8 July 2016

How to Save Battery Playing Pokémon Go

After years of requests, sobs and letters to Nintendo Pokémon users we have achieved our biggest dream: to have a game of this universe in our iOS devices. Yes, we can finally make us all from our iPhone.

The expected and announced game, Pokémon GO has finally been released in the App Store for our enjoyment. But a game of this caliber always involves a problem in our devices: the battery does not last us absolutely nothing. You want to save battery? Do not miss these tips.

How to play Pokémon GO without our iPhone die trying

Activate the power saving mode of the game itself

We do not know for sure how much this will save battery option - it is very unreliable - is recommended, as it is Why not use it?

At that, this option can save 40% of our battery. We assume that enabling this option using our iPhone GPS is reduced and our position is triangulated with the help of the data connection on our phone - more battery at the expense of our data rate.

Lower brightness

We should not give this advice when you play this game primarily on the "outside world", however you can lower the brightness when you are not using the game. It would be another way to save battery and your gaming experience is not affected. Obviously night put the brightness to a minimum - even if you play - on and off the automatic brightness.

Disable any function that is not going to use in the game

If you're taking the game very seriously, be sure to turn off or shut down all functions or applications that might drain your battery. The GPS and the screen are two unique features you need to play Pokémon GO.

Acquires an external battery

The best solution is undoubtedly purchase an external battery or a Smart Battery Case. Although they are a bit cumbersome, they are indispensable gadgets to avoid hindering other tips using your iPhone while playing this wonderful game.

You have made all the tips that will allow you to enjoy Pokémon 100% GO!

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