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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to send error reports to Apple Sierra macOS

Betatesters users macOS Sierra can send messages and bug reports directly to Apple, as it offers an opportunity to help shape the future operating system Mac. Sending bug reports and comments is a feature of beta testing so if you have installed the public beta of Sierra macOS on your Mac, be sure to take the time to post comments and reports errors when you detect a fault in the system.

The function error reporting and feedback is done via a Mac application called feedback Wizard, which is included when you install the public beta of macOS Siera.

 It exists in other versions of Mac OS X as well, but obviously with macOS Sierra being the primary focus of beta testing and about to be released, this tutorial will be based on this operating system.

How to send comments and bug reports on macOS Sierra directly to Apple:

Open the (Feedback Assistant) application, "feedback Wizard", located in / Applications / Utilities / folder *

Log in with your Apple ID and password.
Click the new button comment (new feedback) to draft a new feedback or file a bug report.

Fill in the feedback form (feedback) and provides detailed descriptions about the issue, the more detailed it is, provide better support when then reproduce the problem to solve.

When you're done, click continue to attach images and related, then click the "Send" button to send feedback or error report directly to Apple files.

The "Wizard feedback" application serves as inbox all sorts of messages, so you can check the messages Comments posted, create and edit drafts, compose new comments or bug reports and view comments or messages from Apple ( if you arrive).

* Technically feedback Wizard application is in / System / Library / CoreServices / applications / but an alias appears in / Applications / Utilities / to facilitate access and is also found in the Sierra macOS Dock.

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