How to shoot video with the iPhone lock screen without Jailbreak -


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Friday, 8 July 2016

How to shoot video with the iPhone lock screen without Jailbreak

This method works for iPhone with iOS 9.x only.

Benefits from compressed video screen while the iPhone is locked.

  1. Saves battery during video recording booming. Because there is no power in the display screen.
  2. Eyes while video recording in dark or low light.
  3. Help is available for other people to know that we're on a video recorder.
  4. Video recorder longer (A result of the battery)
  5. Hot air into the video recorder.
  6. How to do it We watch it

Video compression process while the screen is locked.

Step into one screen is locked. Press your finger on a "camera" button, then slide up the screen and hold without end. (Do not hold).

Step two fingers to scroll from side "Photo" is "Video".

Step 3 press Record. Red button to start recording video

Step 4. Use your finger to press the Home button and repeat two times the amount of three series (11 ... 22 ... 33).
Or (press .... ... Press. Press) without releasing the fingers slide up and hold on.

Step 5: Wait until the screen is off. This video will be compressed while the screen is locked.

f you want to stop recording video, press the Home "1 Time" are sounding the alarm beeps stop recording video.

How to capture this disadvantage is the video recording, we can not see the details on the screen at all. Video compression may result in a blurred focal point or a point where we do not want to log in.

This method is suitable for compressed video still does not object to the motion. Time lapse or for cramming a lot.

Watch a video demonstration here

Try this technique to see it.

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