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Sunday, 17 July 2016

How to use Emojis iOS10 in iOS 9.x

Under certain circumstances, an iPhone or iPad user can not install versions of iOS that are aimed at developers, however, should be tested / installed iOS 10 can visualize the new Emojis included in this system.

The fact is that Apple has never allowed you to use the features or functions of IOS 10 and not satisfied with this, by a trick we can use the Emoji iOS iOS 10 9

In THIS ARTICLE we had taught as iOS could try 10 without being a developer, since the final version will be available in autumn to the public after correct errors and add more features and enhancements to that version.

Based on the above, it must follow exactly the steps shown in the video mentioned below:

  • Access THIS PAGE from the safari
  • Select all emojis and copy any application for storage
  • Copy or emoji you wish to use in the application preference has been saved previously

We can also upgrade to iOS 10 again if repenting to do Downgrade in the same way as explained in THIS ARTICLE

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