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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Includes WhatsApp Emojis Giants, Zoom in Videos and More

Late last month we told in June iPadizate that WhatsApp would be updated soon to include giant emoji , among other things. Well, that update has reached the App Store and you can already download it on your iPhone.

WhatsApp is the application most used system of instant messenger, and even in some respects remains somewhat behind other competing services, remains at the top spot. Moreover, from a time far more frequently receives updates to include new functions and features to keep up.

Telegram users have been enjoying the stickers and GIFs from long ago, but can only send WhatsApp Emoji. However, they have given a twist and now if you send only one emoji will appear in giant size, but is not the only novelty of the new version.

Major new features of version 2.16.7 of WhatsApp

From now on , with the new version of WhatsApp for iPhone, when you send an emoji but this will be much larger than you're used size. But this is not the only novelty, they have also been included features for video recording, and now if swiping up or down can zoom while recording.

On the other hand, now WhatsAtpp chats are much faster to open. Also, when you click on the Edit option you'll find at the top of the window you can select the Chats multiple conversations and file them , delete them or mark them as read.

This will make it much faster and easier to manage your chats WhatsApp, since previously had to go one by one. You see, the guys WhatsApp slowly improving application, but still have a long way to go in some ways to reach their competitors.

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