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Friday, 8 July 2016

Installing animated icons on your iPhone and iPad

It is true that there is not much difference between the user interface of iOS iOS 8 and 9 the most significant changes came from the hand of Jony Ive in iOS 7 ...

Unlike Android, iOS is an elegant and minimalist system, but lacks customization and animations on your UI elements. However, thanks to tools like Fingal, you can add a unique style to your iPhone or your iPad.

Fingal is a tweak available on Cydia repo ModMyi that allows users to change the look of the application icons giving life through animation.

Animating the icons of your apps on iOS

After installing the tweak Fingal on your iPhone or your iPad, you need to open the Settings application to configure the changes. By default, the tweak is disabled, you have to activate it from the bottom of your settings and, immediately afterwards, perform a "respring" to see the effect applied.

After activation, Fingal NOT make icons dance or vibrate, but will add a custom effect and encouraged each of the apps on your home screen iPhone and iPad.

Obviously, this Cydia tweak affect the battery life of your iPhone, so from iPadizate the recommend that you disable tweak when not in use your device.

Video review of Fingal

Before you go, be sure to give the play to play the video and see how animations are cool icons iOS apps. Would you like to incorporate this option Apple iOS 10? What do you think about limiting customization iOS? Do you think Apple should design change or, on the contrary, should maintain its elegance?

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